heart broken

If you didn’t hear about it yet, there was another police-shot-a-black-person incident yesterday. His name was Alton Sterling, just so you know, and he was 37, younger than Carpenter and myself. And just so you know, he was a dad. My heart hurts from it. Aches for the mamas and the children and the cousins

bad guys

There are a lot of bad guys in the world. More now than ever, it seems. On the news, in politics, in the movies, …we’re not even talking about dark alleys. It seems like everyone has an angry, judgy version of themselves and it seems so hard for folks these days to stop. To take


new year’s lesson

Happy New Year! It’s been a thrill ride so far. When my old self would have been drinking champagne with her friends, my mom-self was cleaning 5 people’s throw up off of things. Well, actually that could’ve happened in my “old self” days. But this was because of the stomach flu, so. Yes! That’s right.

one of those weeks

It’s kind of been one of those weeks. Like one of those weeks where you go to pay for the car and it’s a two thousand dollar repair, instead of a two hundred dollar repair. One of those weeks where you try to do laundry and, yes, there’s one red sock somewhere in the whites.