staying satisfied

by humanmama on January 2, 2015

imageHappy new year! It’s the beginning of a promising year for us. And for you, too. Don’t say “it’s not,” because it is. How many amazing things can happen in the next 363 days?! So many. So be prepared, this is bound to be your very best year yet!

When you’ve undergone some major changes (ahem, done some major housework, had a new baby, nurtured a still-young business…) or even some minor changes, you’re apt to think of your life as a work in progress. You may find yourself thinking, often, “this is tough now, but soon it will get better.” However, when you’ve been in upheaval a ton, you might not even be able to think on those terms anymore, and you find yourself lamenting “this is how it always is, it won’t ever be better.” I CAUTION YOU, do not think like that! That is not healthy. Pull away from that kind of thinking and stick with the more positive “it’s not always gonna be like this.” That is helpful, temporary thinking. And life, my friends, is very temporary. Who was it that said “the only consistent thing is change”…? They were right. And nodding to that fact that change is always happening reminds us that yes. It is. And this rough patch is NOT going to be forever.

It’s easy to think “this is great!” When you first have a baby. Sure you’re battered and bruised from the birth, or the adoption process, or the adjustment period, but you’re generally having a good attitude. But then. Give it some time and you’ll find the sleeplessness and breast feeding/bottling/crying/diapering and pooping, pooping, pooping will wear on your very soul and suddenly you’ll find that your mind has switched from the pretty positive “this is temporary!” to the negative and very bleak “this will never end.” And if you slip into the latter, it is so, so hard to keep positive.

So press on. Keep the faith. Remember that tomorrow you could be hit by a bus! Or win the lottery! Or any number of much more plausible things. Remember that basically, how you treat others today might be as a result of your lack of sleep, and while it’s very likely that you will forget how nasty you were, they might not. (Ahem. Sorry kids….)

So be nice, remain positive, and remember that this year holds a whole lot of amazing opportunities for wonderful things to happen. And all…so…temporary.

Don’t forget.



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