vacation, all i ever wanted

by humanmama on July 22, 2014

Ahh, so, we went on a “vacation” last week. And I am using quotes because when I think of a vacation I think of people relaxing and having fun. And when I think of a “trip away with three kids and no babysitter or nanny or help,” I do generally not think of relaxing and having fun. I think “why didn’t those dopes just stay home and save the money?! Hah!” And then I think “Oh dear God. WE are the DOPES.” Because we were.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the opportunity to go! I DO! I DO! Two years ago we could barely afford fun things, let alone a whole vacation. It’s proof that working 6 18-hour days a week for two years really pays off! (Which it should, dammit, right?) It was just that I pictured us all, the five of us, coming in from the car after 10 days away, sweaty and laughing and smelling like sunscreen and hugs. Looking over our photos and joking around and throwing the ball one last time. Instead, we looked like sleepy, bitter, angry zombies who hadn’t eaten any quality brains in several days.

It’s not what I expected. Call me a naive optimist, but I was thinking HEY I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! ONLY NOT AT THE BEACH! This will be a BLAST! But it was more like, hey! look! the kids are all totally off their schedules! They’re fighting about who caught the most toads! Sunburns! New shadows in the bedrooms! TOTAL TOGETHERNESS WITH FEW DISTRACTIONS! It was totally awesome. If you like that sort of thing.

The kids were actually troopers, really. They held it together for most of the trip with little whining and absolutely no drowning in Lake Michigan. Yay, kids! But still, I’m pretty sure everyone was thrilled to get back to our own beds, to our own schedule.

And, it probably didn’t help my attitude at all that I’m pregnant again. Yep, that’s right: #4 is on it’s way, friends. Damn, now I really need a vacation.


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