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by humanmama on August 25, 2014

I haven’t been writing much. Partly because pregnant with #4 equals #utterlyexhaustednotimetoblog. Partly because we had a little home project that did not go as expected. To say the least.

We own a remodeling company , so to be saying “we had a problem with some unexpected work” seems almost like an OBGYN saying “I was not prepared to push.” We went to get our floors redone (as per the plan! The plan that had been planned!). And we moved a part of a wall (because why not?! It’s only going to add another day to the project!). And lo and behold, that was on August 1st. There was a plumbing explosion. There was an almost electrocution. Old houses are very charming, and people that did work in the oldy-times (ye olde times) were very creative. Like, say, encasing electric lines between two layers of plaster. (SURPRISE!) Or encasing plumbing lines in concrete under the bathroom floor (SURPRISE!). Or using knotty joists that like to crack halfway and need to be reinforced (SURPRISE!!). Yes, all of these things were things that Carpenter has dealt with before, but working full (++) time and dealing with these exciting surprises has been a challenge.

So this:

Went to this:

And is now this:


And that means spotty electric, spotty plumbing, no oven or sink, fridge on the porch for three weeks… And that means not a lot of blogging. But you know what it also does? Takes your mind off being pregnant!


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2 by 2

August 22, 2014

Well, it’s gonna be another boy. Did you see it coming? It’s kind of nice: symmetry. We are so lucky. Sometimes I say blessed, sometimes lucky. When I say “we are so blessed to have healthy kids,” it just doesn’t sound right, because it’s almost implying that those parents with kids who have cancer, or […]

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lady or gentleman?

August 17, 2014

One of the best things about surprise pregnancies is that once you do find out, some of it has already passed. With our third, we actually tried for a while to get pregnant, so when I found out I was pregnant, I was, like, ten minutes pregnant. Or so. With this one? I was like… […]

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say whaaaat?!

July 23, 2014

Okay, I know. In my last post, I sorta just threw it in there. I’m pregnant again. Oops, I did it again. It’s not like we didn’t plan on eventually having more. Like maybe an “oops baby” when we were 45? Sounds fantastic. But what happened instead was that when I went to my annual physical […]

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vacation, all i ever wanted

July 22, 2014

Ahh, so, we went on a “vacation” last week. And I am using quotes because when I think of a vacation I think of people relaxing and having fun. And when I think of a “trip away with three kids and no babysitter or nanny or help,” I do generally not think of relaxing and […]

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free time

June 26, 2014

What would you do if you didn’t have kids? Or, I guess if you don’t have kids, what do you do? (No, really, what do you do?!). I think often that if I didn’t have kids I’d be–kind of–bored. My house would be cleaner (probably not spotless, though), and my yard nicer–definitely no broken plastic […]

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friends in low places

June 20, 2014

You know what’s a good feeling? It’s a good feeling to feel like crap, like absolute low, lonely crap (okay, this is not the good feeling…wait for it…). And then to feel like not troubling anyone with it. And then to go about feeling that way for a while (still not there yet…keep waiting…), and […]

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it’s not pretty.

June 17, 2014

I really haven’t been writing much in the last few months, and really it’s because we started a business last year and it’s taking a ton of my time. (www.solidcandr.com if you want to check it out!) It’s so awesome and amazing to be able to say “we own a company,” and we have an […]

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things that I miss

June 5, 2014

Having children is one of the great ironies of life. Often you try and you plan and you wait and wait. (Not all the time!) And suddenly this miracle is born, or is adopted, and you feel totally fulfilled and happy and blissful and your life is never the same again. Well, okay. Sometimes you […]

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I can’t be the best

May 29, 2014

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately. If you follow me on there, you can tell I’ve been on there more than I’ve been on FB or Twitter combined in the last two months or so. I’ve been looking at ideas for the house, and Pinterest has tons of house ideas and decor ideas to […]

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